Seeking People of Color for Mayor of Albuquerque

abq skylineAfter some recent frustration with national and local politics I have begun to return my attention and energy towards public policy and social activism.  I’m glad to say that I’m not the only one who has begun to become more active.  Although, I will say that I have heard a lot of terminology and mislead statements being thrown around.

Terms like intersectionality for example are being used with little understanding of what the term really means and it’s impact.

When defining “Intersectionality” (Patricia Hill Collens, Intersecting Oppressions), a White Man, on the scale of discrimination, is the one who sits at the top in that he experiences the least amount of discrimination.  If he experiences any.  Also, “reverse racism” is not a thing.

At the other end of the spectrum is the black woman who is most discriminated against because she is in fact black as well as a woman.  This is on a scale that sits within the normative hetero/homo-sexual context (The Transgender Studies Reader/Judith Butler, “Critically Queer,” The Routledge Queer Studies Reader)

Continuing on, there are many people out there who are aware of this gap in education and are intentionally capitalizing on the mislead people of Albuquerque.  Now, not everyone is unaware of what is going on and if you believe that you know everything, then I ensure you that this opinion based blog is not for you.

If you feel like you need some guidance in local politics and issues from the perspective of a male person of color, then welcome.

When it comes to race, accurate representation is tremendously important to me.  Many may say that the race and gender of a candidate does not matter, what matters is their qualifications and in the past when the state of the world was a bit better, I would have ignorantly agreed.

Another reality is that local politics is hardly a priority for a majority of Americans.

Let me tell you now that the upcoming Mayoral Election is more important than any Presidential Election.  Mostly because local politics and policy effect you more directly on a daily basis than any other political event (The ART Project for example).

As a person of color I’m willing to go out there and say that seeing a white man as my mayor does not leave me feeling adequately represented.

Yet, that’s a completely different blog post that I may or may not get to.

So I ask all the Hispanic, Black, Latino, Asian people of Albuquerque whether they believe that a white man will ever understand what it’s like to wake up as person of color.

If a man were born in the poorest part of Albuquerque and that went to the worst public school but were born white, he would have more opportunity of rising up the socio-economic  ladder than any of his “minority” counterparts.  Even if he had a Spanish last name, this wouldn’t exempt him from experiencing the privilege of being white.

Let it be known that this is not an attack on white men and that in fact I know a lot of white men and have them as friends.  So it’s cool.

I firmly believe that the time has come to stop electing white men to public office in Albuquerque.  There are people of color, but more importantly women of color running for office in this city and they are not getting elected.


Why is it that when a white man runs for office they are seen as automatically qualified for the job.  When a woman of color or even man of color runs for office, their integrity and everything else under the sun comes into question?!

It’s time, ALBUQUERQUE!  It’s time to elect a representative for Mayor that represents and reflects your beliefs as well who you are on the outside.  Only they can accurately keep your best interest at heart.

In all reality, I’m asking you to vote for yourself because you are no longer the minority.  You are no longer meant to be cast aside.  I encourage you to run for office and if you can’t then vote for People of Color.  Let’s make it about you for once.

List of Candidates!